A trick to change SPBM for a group of VMs

Imagine we have 100 VMs with VMDKs attached to a vSAN Default Storage Policy (RAID-1) and we want 20 VMs to move to a new FTT=0 Stripe-3 storage policy. We can create a new policy and apply it to VMs one by one. It may be a reasonable approach not to change it for all 20 of them at once…but if in vSAN 6.7U3 VMDKs are finally processed in batches, we could give it a try 😉

So the trick is simple. We go to the VM folder on the Cluster level and use Shift to select desirable number of VMs. Obvious, isn’t it?

There is one caveat though – we will not be able to select SPBMs on VMDK level, storage policy will be applied for all of the selected VMs for all of their VMDKs.

And than we can wait and observe our resync dashboard.